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Family photo shoot

Saturday was one of those picture perfect kind of days; the sun was shining, Buxton looked beautiful and there were smiles all around.

Action shot!

It seemed fitting that we had booked a photo session with White Box Photography to capture this new stage in our family’s life adventure – the move to Buxton. A few of my more organised friends have proudly shown off their new baby family pics on Facebook (yes that’s you Emily Macdonald!) and I wanted to try it out.

We don’t have many newborn family pics of baby E as she was in hospital for quite a while after she was born and once out I had the constant wild woman look about me of someone getting about 3 hours sleep a night – not particularly photogenic. I really wanted to try a family photo shoot and the criteria for me was a) not too expensive (incase I didn’t like the pics of me, more of a behind the camera kind of gal), b) gave us digital copies with copyright so we could do as we pleased with them and c) in a local, informal situation so I didn’t get too stressed about the whole thing!

After trawling the web I came across a discussion on a Facebook parenting group where they recommended White Box Photography. I had a quick peek at their website and was excited to see that the next session in Buxton was just after we had moved up. With only a £15 booking fee (of a total cost £45 per session) it meant that if we had to cancel due to E being unwell it wouldn’t be too costly.

Ahead of the session I messaged Liam at White Box Photography asking for advice on how to prepare. He helpfully suggested:

  • The sessions are informal and taken mostly sitting on a white background so wear clothes for comfort and modesty.
  • White clothes often lose detail and can make the subject a bit bland so pastel or strong colours which suit the individual work well.
  • Look other photos to see if there are any particular poses you’d like.

And I’d add to the list:

  • Take at least two changes of clothes in case the baby is sick and be careful holding them as they may be sick on you!
  • Pick outfits for the family that you think will compliment each other.
  • Plan the day’s timings, I worked out when I’d need to boob E so that she’d be a full happy baby for the shoot, not hungry or tired.

The session was booked, we sorted out our clothes to wear (first time for me not wearing jeans since E was born!) and looked forward to the shoot.

When we arrived we were warmly greeted by Liam and Carolyn who instantly put us at ease. First for photos was Elizabeth; we changed her into a dress, then repositioned the dress where she was a bit sick and with much squeeking of her Sophie giraffe Liam captured some smiley pics.

Then it was a family turn, three of us sitting together – was lovely and quick!

We then changed E into her awesome stripy outfit and tried just ones of her. She started crying so I went in to cheer her up and Liam took some pics of me and a giggling little girl before it was finally daddy’s turn.

The shoot wizzed by and Liam took loads of photos. After the session finished I picked E up and she promptly threw up over both of us – timing 🙂

Carolyn let us look at all the pictures whilst she burnt them onto disc and we were done. Here’s one of the gorgeous pictures of me and my little pickle!

Photo of Michelle and baby E
Cute baby!

A brilliant photo session, it was just what we wanted and for such a reasonable price we’re going to book to go back again.

Now I’m an ‘expert’ at this, here’s what I recommend you should think about before booking a family photographer:

  • Do you get copyright of the photos so you can print them how you like, e.g. a mug for gran, framed photo etc.?
  • How long a session do you want? We were happy with 15 mins but you might want a longer session with more clothes / prop changes.
  • Are they run at a time and location suitable for you?
  • Does the photographer seem friendly – you need someone who will put you at ease to get good photos out of you and your family.
  • Does the price fit your budget?
  • Can you look at previous photos the photographer has taken? You need to be happy with their style.

Here’s a summary of baby friendliness of the whole experience:


  • Nice and quick! Babies have short attention spans.
  • Time for an outfit change.
  • Baby friendly photographer and colleague who made E smile.
  • Easy to get to location (space for pushchair).
  • Well priced.
  • Photos on CD and copyright free so we can easily share with family around the world.
  • If your baby is under 3 months the first shoot is free!


  • No baby changing facilities we could see at the location, but plenty of floor space.
  • Short photo session – some people might prefer a longer shoot.
  • Nowhere to sit and feed a baby, if required, but High Street, with cafes, was 5 minutes away.

Thanks for reading, here’s to our next adventure!