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Adventuring New Year’s Resolutions


I’m chilling at the in-laws with a snoozing baby on my lap, browsing social media. The feeds are full of new year’s resolutions so I thought I’d write some for this blog. It will be interesting to look back on it on a year’s time to see what I’ve achieved.

1. Get out of Buxton more
I love Buxton, we’ve been here two and a half years, but to be honest most of that time we’ve spent in the town. As two full time working parents we’re often exhausted at the weekends so end up pottering around the Pavilion Gardens and local shops. That’s not a bad thing, but when one lives in the middle of the Peak District it seems such a shame to not be exploring it more! There are many small villages and towns which will be worth exploring.
My target? I thought this would help having one – 10 new places (villages / towns) outside of Buxton.

2. Get to know Buxton better
Ok, so this is a total contradiction of number one.. but bear with me. I’ve still yet to explore much of Buxton; I haven’t been to Pools Cavern (well I do live at least 10 minutes away…); walked up to Corbar Cross or around the Ring of Trees.
Target – 5 new places so I can be an excellent tour guide when people visit!

3. Explore using public transport
Toddler E is OBSESSED at the moment with going on a bus somewhere, though as car owners we don’t normally see the attraction. But to a young girl, going on public transport will be an exciting change to sitting in the car seat. An additional benefit is that it’s good for the environment.
My target in 2016 will be three different modes of public transport – I can think of a bus and train, there must be others?

4. Visit all the local National Trust places
We are members of the National Trust and the yearly fee is more than covered from when we stop off at places to break up long journeys to family and friends. We’ve visited the stunning Lyme Park numerous times, but from looking at the map I know there are others within an hour’s drive we have yet to visit.
My target will be to identify and visit all National Trust placed within an hour’s drive of home.

5. Seek out recommendations
In 2016 I will talk to more people, in person and online, to ask for recommendations of local places to visit. I search online and read what’s on guides, but nothing is as good as word of mouth. Through a friend I discovered the gem that is Pony Patch and I’m sure there’s tonnes of other activities or places to visit I just don’t know about. In 2016 I’ll be proactive asking for recommendations and connecting with new people online to broaden my knowledge of the local area. A target of 10 recommended places.

6. Be child led
My final resolution for 2016 (6 seems a neat way to tie this up) brings it back to the children and why I started this blog. I wanted to have some record of local adventures, at home and out and about. But, if toddler E or baby A don’t enjoy our adventures there’s not much point. I now have an energetic, enthusiastic and opinionated 3 year old daughter who is more than capable enough of deciding where we should go for the day. In 2016 I want to try and let her choose our direction of travel, every month of the year.

So, my first set of resolutions for a very long time. It’s helped me focus on getting out and about in 2016 and I can’t wait to capture our adventures. Where would you recommend we go?

Happy New Year and here’s to adventures in 2016!