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Five Ways Cafe and Laundrette (review)

What you really don’t need when you move with a refluxy little one is the washing machine not to work! One of our ‘Buxton resolutions’ is to not end up with mounds of dirty washing to wash or piles of clean washing to put away – the parents’ NeverEnding Story. The new plan was to set off a load overnight and then in the morning it could go straight in the dryer.

Keep calm and drink tea sign
Keep calm

The start of the plan worked… until at 3 in the morning I heard a constant beeping so sent hubby off the investigate where he declared the washing machine wasn’t working 😦

It meant the next day I had to find a laundrette to wash the slightly wet washing, not a chore I was looking forward to. After stuffing it all into the most popular laundry bag in the world, baby E and I trudged off to Five Ways Cafe and Laundrette.

Exterior picture of Five Ways Cafe and Laudrette
Five Ways Cafe and Laundrette

I was delighted to find that the laundrette also had a cafe attached – genius idea! Whilst I was waiting for the washing, it would have been rude not to have a fry up, surely?

Plate of cooked breakfast

The lovely lady behind the counter (‘chelle) let me look at the ingredients on all the packets so I could check for dairy and with the promise of no butter in the cooking a fry up was on order.

Happily baby E slept through mummy’s unhealthy brunch, so I enjoyed the bacon, sausage, egg, mushrooms and tomato in peace and quiet. There’s nothing quite like a good fry up!

I finished, E woke up and then it was time to dry the washing alongside trying to entertain the little lass. We ALMOST had the washing dry before she decided enough was enough so we went quickly home for a feed.

The good news is that the washing machine is now fixed, the bad news is that I don’t have an excuse to go back to the cafe!

Baby friendly summary:


  • Helpful staff
  • Traditional British cafe – range of food including dairy free fry up
  • Plenty of space for pushchairs
  • Also a laundrette!!!


  • Would have felt a bit exposed boobing, but female staff were supportive when I chatted about dairy free feeding
  • No toilet / changing area I could see (but didn’t ask)
  • Wifi advertised but couldn’t get it to work

In summary, a good cafe if you have cravings for a fry up – though need to check for toilet facilities.

Thanks for reading. Here’s to our next adventure!