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Getting to know people: NCT High Peak

This is the third county in which we’ve lived since we’ve been parents and I have to admit it’s the first time I’ve ventured into the world of NCT. I heard a lot about the National Childbirth Trust before baby E was born but as we weren’t staying in the area where I was pregnant there didn’t seem much point in getting involved.

When I knew we were moving to Buxton I searched online for info. about local parenting groups and NCT High Peak came up time and time again. They’ve got a brilliant Facebook group which tells you about upcoming events, a detailed regular newsletter and loads of activities for parents to be, mums, babies, toddlers and even dads!

Before moving to Buxton I was able to sign up and join events so I knew we had a few things to look forward to. Also, by stalking reading conversations online I started to learn some other mums’ names and faces.

The first time I met the NCT branch co-ordinators (Lauren and Kate) face to face was at a charity event at the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton. Embarrassingly they recognised my photo from Facebook (my excuse is that boobing leaves you with one free hand for social networking), but they were very welcoming and I was even more encouraged to attend some get togethers.

So, last week, pram primed and with my best ‘I’ve actually brushed my hair this morning’ look we rocked up to the monthly Baby Express at Pizza Express in Buxton… and then halted. Pizza Express looked very closed, the meet up was from 10.30 but its opening hours showed from 11.30. A bit confused, I walked around for 5 minutes and then knocked on the door as E needed a feed. Phew, apparently people were likely to come but it was often late starting! Here’s an amusing pic of my first meet up with other mums 😉

An empty restaurant
Billy no mates!

We didn’t have to wait too long, just gone 11 other mums and a mum to be arrived and I had a lovely time feeding E and drinking the free coffee. I used the time to ask loads of questions about the area, the most useful information being that some garages store your summer or winter tyres when the other ones are on your car. When in my new job, I’ll have a daily commute to Derby to deal with so will probably need winter tyres.

Group of pushchairs
We were in the right place!

This week we ventured to the bi-monthly Bumps, Babes and Beyond coffee morning hosted by the Alison Park Hotel. We ended up being quite late, but were made to feel incredibly welcome. After a free caffeine hit to give me strength (and there was cake too), I plumped myself down to some mums and got chatting.

The half hour wizzed by and I was really pleased we made it, even if it was just towards the end and I didn’t win the raffle!

I’ve enjoyed both the NCT meet ups, it’s just a shame we can’t go to anymore before I start work. But I do hope to drop into some on days off and I might even be able to persuade hubby to go to some. They also run social events so I’m looking forward to leaving E at home and meeting other local mums. And hubby will be getting out and meeting dads at the dad social events.

In summary: the High Peak NCT group are a lovely lot, I’ve only scratched the surface of the activities on offer and feel confident about meeting other mums through them. The Facebook group means I can keep in touch even when I’m not attending. How I wish we’d moved up here earlier!