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Christmas present thank you cards

Last year I made some lovely Christmas present thank you cards with toddler E, recycling wrapping paper. They are really easy to make and I was quite proud I had designed them myself!


It’s a great activity to do on a wet and windy day, huddled inside warm – crafting 🙂

We used plain cards, a snowflake stamp and recycled Christmas paper for the background and to make stars.

First E used the stamper on the red paper we were going to use for the background, but you could just use large pens and make dots. I then cut it up into rectangles, a bit smaller than the cards. She added glue and stuck the background paper onto the card.



Next she used glue and chose triangles to make the stars. She really enjoyed choosing the paper combination and seeing how triangles could make the stars.



I wrote the thank you message inside the card and she drew a picture on the other side.

We really enjoyed making these and will do the same this year.

Here’s to our next crafting adventure!


Pony Patch at Christmas

Festive horse rides for toddlers

Our toddler E LOVES horses; she’s a huge My Little Pony fan, so when we discovered Pony Patch is a riding school for children 2 years upwards we were sooooo excited for her!

Pony Patch (near Glossop) is a family business, that provides children age 2 and up with a non-pressured introduction to horses and horse riding.

The first time we went was just to have a try, at the weekends you can just turn up and ride during the drop in session .for a few pounds – much more reasonable than other places we’ve looked at.

For Christmas they put on special events. We booked in advance to go on the Christmas Groom & Ride and kept our fingers crossed the weather wouldn’t be too bad as the venue is rather exposed to the elements! We were lucky, it was a cold day but when we went it wasn’t raining.

When we arrived, our pony wasn’t yet free so E had a jump around on the bouncy castle – holding on to my hands as she jumped around. We had many giggles and it still makes me smile thinking about her laughing so much! By now it was getting quite cold so daddy took baby A to the Coffee Shop, it’s just next door in the Garden Centre at Wimberry Hill. Without the cafe to shelter in, it would have been too cold for us all to go.

The session started off with E brushing the horses’ body and mane, she had to use different brushes and concentrate hard! Then festive decoration, with an Elf ‘hat’, bows in the mane and sparkly painted hooves – though I think by this point she just wanted to ride the pony! The final touch was to sprinkle magic reindeer dust over her pony, Thia.


Then we were ready for our 15 minute rein led ride out the paddock and down the lane. E loved every minute, she didn’t look happy though because she was so focused!


E had such a fab time and I didn’t have to hang around in the cold for too long! Children get a one on one horse experience with a pony and someone looking after them. It’s a great way to introduce toddlers to horses, at an affordable price.


After we went and joined baby E in the coffee shop, ate homemade cake and warmed up. I found a nice comfy sofa to feed baby A whilst E and daddy pottered around the garden centre. A lovely morning out, when it’s warmer we’ll be heading to Pony Patch again.

Here’s to our next festive adventure!

Michelle x

Buxton Opera House: panto

Our first outing to a Christmas panto


I was so excited to take toddler E to her first panto – Aladdin – at the majestic Buxton Opera House.

After a dash through the Pavilion Gardens, we arrived at the theatre with minutes to spare. But there was still time to buy a magic wand, there were a few to choose from and E went for the really REALLY colourful one.


This year’s panto is Aladdin, a classic tale, fun for all the family. It started off with a loud bang and lots of boooos from the audience when the baddie Jafar appeared on stage (he played the audience superbly and was my favourite!). E was scared and cuddled into me (I was glad I had bought her a ticket for £2 which let her sit on my lap, rather than her own seat). But, by midway through the first act she was starting to shout along with everyone else.

The interval was a welcome break for my lap and then on to the excitement of the second act, which (no spoilers) included a magical ride, some topical costumes at a space party and a great ‘it’s behind you’ scene. With music and songs throughout, the panto was great entertainment for all – with enough innuendoes peppered through to amuse the adults. It’s running until the 2nd of January, so if you don’t have tickets hurry up! Here’s a video with a taste of what you’re missing:

We thoroughly enjoyed the show, but as E found it a bit loud next time I’d consider taking her to the quieter show they put on for autistic children.

Here’s to our next Christmas adventure!

Michelle x

Peak Rail: Santa Special

Steam train fun meeting Santa

Yesterday our family and friends braved the winds and rain to visit Santa, who travelled on a Peak Rail steam train specially to meet the children! Much fun was had by all…

On a wet and windy afternoon
We hurried to Peak Rail
We had special tickets to meet a man
Dressed in red, who said ho ho ho

We climbed on board and found our coach
And settled in our compartment
A cosy space for adults and bairns
With festive decor throughout

The elves came round and gave out gifts
Festive candy canes for smiling children
Mulled wine and mince pies
For slightly frazzle parents!

The train took off – choo choo it went
And entertainment began
Balloon animals, magic tricks
And festive Christmas songs

And then in the distance we heard a ho ho
And a smiley beared man appeared!
It’s Santa said the children
And they were grinning ear to ear

He asked if they’d been good
And their Christmas present wishes
Then came the gifts for all the children
Train, doggy and soft toys

We waved goodbye to Santa
He had many children to meet
And the entertainment continued
As the train steamed on and on

Much fun was had by all
A festive magic treat
We’ll come next year, we all agreed
On Peak Rail’s Santa Special


A magical festive ride, which we finished off with a meal at the Grouse and Claret. Booking recommended as it was packed!

Here’s to our next Christmas adventure!