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Walk up Solomon’s Temple

We’re lucky enough to live in Buxton within 10 minutes walk of town and, in the other direction, 10 minutes walk of gorgeous greenery and the Peaks.

When I first came to Buxton hubby took me up to the folly Solomon’s Temple which gives the walker wonderful views across Buxton and beyond. Recently, with it being my mum’s first visit to the area, it was top of my list of places to take her.

The walk to Solomon’s Temple starts from the car park by Poole’s Cavern and after a climb up some steps it’s a gentle walk up the hill through Grin Low woods.

I’m not a very good walker, but I found the terraine quite easy. It’s not really suitable for a pushchair so hubby put baby E in the Baby Bjorn and off we went.

It’s obviously a popular place with families and dog walkers. Once we came through the woods towards the summit of Grin Hill there were many excited children and families running up and over the mounds of kilns from limestone mining.

Solomon’s Temple was built in 1896 to replace an earlier building erected by a local landowner and farmer Solomon Mycock. Excavations have proven that it’s not a true folly, as it does have a purpose – it’s built on the site of an ancient burial mound. Several Bronze Age skeletons have been found, alongside later Roman items.

The new (!) tower has a spiral staircase you climb to get to the top, with handrails all the way along and at the top a parapet you can look over. All this meant my scared of heights mum was persuaded to climb and look out from the top! She even obliged with a cheesy photo of baby E, hubby and myself.

Michelle, hubby & baby E at the top of Solomon's Temple
At the top of Solomon’s Temple

After a good airing and hubby pointing out all the local points of interest – such as the impressive dome of the University of Derby – we took a leisurely walk back to Poole’s Cavern to try out the cafe.

Hubby carrying baby E

We picked a corner of the cafe so I could feed E, though to begin with she was more interested in the birds just outside the window, attracted by all the bird feeders. I felt a bit exposed, even in the corner of the room, but the lady needed feeding!

The cafe has recently refreshed their menu, focusing on a wider range of local produce and good coffee. Being a breast feeding mum I was quite peckish, but unfortunately there wasn’t anything dairy free I could eat. I settled down with a decaf black coffee (as did mum – she prefers skimmed milk) and hubby had a white coffee. We all agreed that the coffee should have been stronger, it was a bit disappointing. (Update: hubby has since been back and reports that his filter coffee was much better the second time around).

View of cafe interior
View of cafe

After her feed we entertained E with a selection of the toys available – very child friendly! Mum checked out the toilets and they do have changing facilities, though we didn’t use them.


As the weather was still sunny we decided to go for a walk into town, rather than go into the cavern so that’s saved for another day.

Baby friendly overview:

  • Gentle, short walk suitable for baby carrying with the pay off of amazing views at the end.
  • Large car park.
  • Cafe with baby changing facilities.
  • Toys to entertain children.
  • Large outside play area and picnic tables.
  • Plenty of space for pushchairs.

Would be even better if (in the cafe):

  • Coffee was made a bit stronger!
  • Some dairy free options on the menu.
  • Comfy / cosy chairs for more discreet breast feeding.

In summary; a lovely walk, amazing views, child friendly cafe but the coffee needs to be a bit stronger!

On a rainy day we’ll be back to explore the cavern and I’ve heard it’s THE place in Buxton to see Santa!

Thanks for reading, here’s to our next adventure!


The Bowling Green (review)

The Bowling Green
The Bowling Green

On Saturday we popped to Derby to pick up my mum from the station and on the way back needed to stop off so we could feed baby E. We’d previously visited The Bowling Green in Ashbourne when I was pregnant and had really enjoyed the dishes on offer. I was keen to once again try the food and see if the visit was different with a baby.

We rocked up late afternoon and picked one of the comfy seats in the main bar as the other section was closed in preparation for the evening meals. After perusing the main menu my mum spotted they did a lighter menu and asked for that (she has her uses). We ordered minute steak and chips and also gammon and chips.

In the meantime I fed E, though did feel a little exposed in the pub, particularly as another punter kept staring.

The food arrived and, as before, it was delicious. I’m glad we ordered from the lighter menu as in the past I’ve struggled to finish a main course.

Half eaten plate of steak and chips
Nom steak!

With us all fed and watered, E needed a bum change. Unfortunately, even though they do cater for kids with a children’s menu, there were no baby changing facilities. The ladies were too small to change her on the floor so we decided to head back to the car and do a quick nappy change on the back seat.

Baby friendliness overview:

We liked:

  • Some comfy seats for breast feeding
  • At table service
  • Main meal and lighter meal menu (though had to ask for it)

Would be even better if:

  • Baby changing facilities were available
  • More room for pushchairs (it would have been a squeeze if we had taken ours in the pub)
  • No corners for discreet boobing

In summary – lovely grub, but with no changing facilities or space for a pushchair we’ll be waiting till she’s potty trained and walking before coming back.

Thanks for reading, here’s to our next adventure!

Beltane (review)

Beltane is a small bar / cafe in Buxton I’d wandered past a few times and had always wanted to pop in. Last week we had our chance – we’d been out for an afternoon meeting and E needed a feed.

Beltane bar sign
Beltane bar sign

Beltane had always intrigued me because through the window I could spot comfy seats and (you know the way to my heart) there was free wifi.

The most annoying part was getting our bloody awkward really useful 3 wheeler pushchair through an angled step, negotiating the steep hill. Once in it was all good, I settled E next to a comfy sofa and ordered a decaf black coffee and some nuts to nibble on.

You know those decaf coffees that taste sooooo good you forget there’s no caffeine? Yep, it was one of those 🙂 It was a really chilled atmosphere, partly due to it being mid afternoon so after the lunchtime rush and before the evening drinkers arrived.

Hubby came to meet us and had a beer while I topped up on fruit juice liquids (boobing mama mantra DRINK <<< said in Father Jack style). It was then a quick change for baby E before heading off on more adventures.

Beltane interior
Beltane interior

Baby friendliness overview:


  • Chilled atmosphere, relaxed setting
  • Comfortable boobing sitting in the squishy sofa and didn’t feel too exposed
  • Felt baby friendly with baby changing facilities
  • Decaf drinks – goooooood coffee
  • Lunch time menu looked good
  • Plenty of space for pushchairs
  • Free wifi


  • Bit of a bugger getting a pushchair up the step into the bar!
  • Bar rather than cafe so limited snack options (i.e. no cake)

In summary – lovely relaxed setting, will be back to check out the lunch menu.

Simply Thai

Simply Thai (review)

After our photo session Saturday morning we were looking for somewhere to get some grub. Baby E was due a sleep (having your photo taken is far too much work for a little girl!) and after all the posing we were starving.

We headed into Buxton town and with it being a lovely day, everywhere seemed heaving. Also, with having a dairy free diet at the moment I wasn’t sure where would be a good place to eat. Luckily hubby knows his restaurants and suggested Simply Thai as Thai cooking doesn’t use a lot of dairy.

Simply Thai
Simply Thai

I was a bit nervous about going to a restaurant, compared to a cafe, with baby E, as I was worried about boobing in public and what to do if she cried. But I needn’t have worried as they were very welcoming.

We had to leave the pushchair in reception which stressed me out a little as E needed a sleep and I had planned to rock her, so when we sat down I used plan B and the good old boob to get her to doze off. It helped that the restaurant, though busy, had a lovely relaxed atmosphere; subdued lighting, relaxing music and quiet chitter chatter of the clientele. The environment meant I relaxed and so did E, she totally zonked out on my boob and slept on my lap for the rest of the meal.

Moo Pad Khing
Moo Pad Khing

We perused the menu and chose the lunchtime deal of two courses for less than a tenner. I don’t know if other couples do this, but we like to order dishes we’d both like to try and then swap half way through. Two dishes for the price of one! Even better, they were easy to eat with one hand and there was plenty of no dairy choice on the menu. Oh and I shouldn’t forget the delicious pots of Jasmine tea.

The food was scrummy; quickly served, fresh and full of flavours. For the main course we chose a pork and a chicken dish. I can see why they are endorsed by the Thailand Ministry of Commerce – a guarantee that you are dining on authentic Thai ingredients, professionally prepared and cooked using authentic methods.

Pad Thai Gai
Pad Thai Gai

Baby E woke rather grumpy just as we finished our meal so we quickly paid and left, not wanting to disturb other dinners. Though some would have definitely understood the situation as there were two other families with babies there whilst we were eating.

Baby friendly summary:


  • Relaxing, chilled environment.
  • Felt comfortable boobing – sat at the back so not too exposed.
  • Yummy restaurant food, not much more expensive than cafe prices!
  • Popular with other parents and young families.
  • Great range of dairy free choices.


  • Can’t have pushchair at the table.
  • As a restaurant, I wouldn’t feel comfortable just hanging out there for a few hours like you would in a cafe.

Note: we didn’t hang around to change E so don’t know about baby changing facilities. An excuse to go back and find out!

In summary, a relaxing first restaurant trip with Baby E. As a family, we’ll be back.

Thanks for reading. Here’s to our next adventure!

Pavilion Gardens Coffee Bar (review)

Pavilion Coffee Bar
Pavilion Coffee Bar

Hurrah we’ve moved!

Yesterday was our first day in our new home in Buxton, as you can imagine much chaos and boxes.

Baby E and I decided that the sensible thing to do would be to leave the strong people to the unloading and carrying, so we headed into town to find something to do.

As the weather gave us a traditional High Peak welcome – it was chucking it down – we stopped at the first cafe we could find.

The Pavilion Gardens Coffee Bar in the atrium of the Pavilion Gardens is a lovely, light airy place to drop in for a hot drink, cake and boobing – particularly on a miserable wet day.

We’re trying baby E on a dairy free diet at the moment which means no dairy for mummy 😦 Hopeful, I asked at the counter about soya milk, no luck. But they were brilliant checking out the ingredients on the cake boxes until I found one I could eat – nom nom nom almond and cherry slice 🙂

Coffee and cake
Coffee and cake

The decaf-coffee (good for boobing) was delicious black (I’d better get used to that) and oohhh the cake tasted good!

I picked a quiet corner table (the sofas were taken), next to a power socket and there was free wifi. I made myself comfortable and surfed the web before E woke up and needed a feed.

After almost an hour and a half of E sleeping, feeding and then playing with her toys it was time for a bum change. The changing facilities are in the disabled toilet and there was plenty of room for our huge pushchair.

As the Cafe is only 10 minutes from where we live I think it’s going to become a favourite! And we’re yet to try the Pavilion Gardens’ main Cafe and Art Cafe.

To finish off our morning we had a browse around the Gallery in the Gardens and E chose a gift for daddy for his new home office. Created by the talented local artist Andy Philips, it’s a beautiful handmade smoke fired ceramic mug with DAD embossed on the side.

DAD mug
DAD mug

Then.. we had to go back to the boxes and chaos :-I

Here’s a summary of baby feeding friendliness:


  • Helpful staff
  • Decaf tea or coffee
  • Range of seating
  • Spacious with lots of natural light
  • Free wifi
  • Good changing facilities


  • No table service
  • Baby changing not clearly signposted
  • Feel quite exposed if boobing, no little corners to hide in

Overall: helpful staff, caffeine free options, roomy and good changing facilities. We’ll be back!

Thanks for reading, here’s to our next adventure!

Everything’s Rosy Interiors – Victorian Tearoom (review)

tea in a china cup with a teapot

I have to admit, we have already started our adventures even before BMD (Big Move Day). The other week we were up in Buxton sorting out things that made me cry – childcare for baby E for when I go back go work *wail*.

But less about me sobbing uncontrollably that weekend and onto the cake! On one of our trips we headed into Buxton main town (if that’s what it’s called?) and naturally needed a place to stop and boob E.

In the local press I’d read about the lovely new tea room in Everything’s Rosie Interiors and I love an excuse to support a local business.

We rocked up with our HUGE pushchair and they sweetly said it wasn’t a problem, hubby folded it up out of the way and I chose some cake (priorities) and then settled down for a feed.

The tea was delicious, cake scrummy and as an added bonus you can look around at lots of lovely items to buy!

At table service was particularly welcome when feeding E (I always like to ask for a top up of the pot of tea) and even though there wasn’t a changing room, they helpfully moved some furniture around to make an impromptu changing table!

Lovely place, can’t wait to go back and visit.

Here’s a summary of baby feeding friendliness:

Comfort: 4/5 lovely comfortable chairs
Service: 5/5 at table service makes it much easier!
Changing: 2/5 none, so they made somewhere
Discreet boobing: 5/5 I felt quite comfortable tucked in the corner
Space: 2/5 would be tricky if there was more than one pushchair, but they were more than willing to move things around
Overall: 4/5 – ideal place to go if you’re by yourself

Thanks for reading, here’s to our next adventure!