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The Bowling Green (review)

The Bowling Green
The Bowling Green

On Saturday we popped to Derby to pick up my mum from the station and on the way back needed to stop off so we could feed baby E. We’d previously visited The Bowling Green in Ashbourne when I was pregnant and had really enjoyed the dishes on offer. I was keen to once again try the food and see if the visit was different with a baby.

We rocked up late afternoon and picked one of the comfy seats in the main bar as the other section was closed in preparation for the evening meals. After perusing the main menu my mum spotted they did a lighter menu and asked for that (she has her uses). We ordered minute steak and chips and also gammon and chips.

In the meantime I fed E, though did feel a little exposed in the pub, particularly as another punter kept staring.

The food arrived and, as before, it was delicious. I’m glad we ordered from the lighter menu as in the past I’ve struggled to finish a main course.

Half eaten plate of steak and chips
Nom steak!

With us all fed and watered, E needed a bum change. Unfortunately, even though they do cater for kids with a children’s menu, there were no baby changing facilities. The ladies were too small to change her on the floor so we decided to head back to the car and do a quick nappy change on the back seat.

Baby friendliness overview:

We liked:

  • Some comfy seats for breast feeding
  • At table service
  • Main meal and lighter meal menu (though had to ask for it)

Would be even better if:

  • Baby changing facilities were available
  • More room for pushchairs (it would have been a squeeze if we had taken ours in the pub)
  • No corners for discreet boobing

In summary – lovely grub, but with no changing facilities or space for a pushchair we’ll be waiting till she’s potty trained and walking before coming back.

Thanks for reading, here’s to our next adventure!