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I’ve got the Breastfeeding Blues

Feminist Thoughts from Harrogate

DSC_0972This weekend I was approached via Facebook messenger by the owner of the Blues Bar in Harrogate. I’ve been a regular there for 12 years. I even had my wedding reception there.

She told me that she’d received a call from someone who had complained about me breastfeeding in there and that I should cover up.

I explained that I struggled with keeping a good latch and that feeding under cover simply wouldn’t work for me.

She told me that it wasn’t up for discussion.

Now here’s where we disagreed. I think that the notion about how women who are breastfeeding in public should be covered up is very much a discussion, one which shouldn’t keep coming up over and over and yet sadly, here we were, having a discussion.

I explained to her that she was actually breaking the law and that I was allowed to breastfeed my three…

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