Pavilion Gardens Café (review)

We’re so lucky living in Buxton within 5 minutes walk of the Pavilion Gardens and we’re there almost on a daily basis – be it a morning or evening stroll through the park, visiting the Pavilion for an event or popping in for a coffee.

When we first moved here I used to spend time in the Coffee Bar as they sold cakes I could eat! Now E is older we tend to go to the Café next to the gallery as it’s very well set up for children.

It’s a popular spot with local families and also tourists so it’s always good to get there early. If I’m by myself I enjoy sitting by the window and looking out over the gardens, but when I’m with pickle a seat by the children’s soft play is the preferred spot.

Soft play

The soft play area only appeared in the last six months and it’s a great idea. Kids of all ages enjoy playing and compared to soft play centres it is free! There’s also a parking space for pushchairs, microwave for heating baby food and baby changing (though on my last visit that was a bit smelly and dirty and needs a good clean).

This week I didn’t start back to work until the Wednesday so first thing Tuesday morning I took us to the café. It was nice a quiet – as you can see E was queen of the castle!

Pavilion Gardens Café

I ordered a black americano and a toasted tea cake. Price wasn’t too bad, but it’s the only place I’ve come across that charges extra for milk with your coffee and jam with a tea cake!!

E was happy playing, popping back occasionally for a snack and I relaxed and browsed the web as there’s free WiFi.

It’s always a good place to go when it’s raining and quieter than the local soft play centre.

In summary, we enjoyed:

* parking for pushchair
* comfy sofas – would be perfect if still breastfeeding
* free soft play
* free WiFi
* waitress service

Would be even better if:

* they didn’t charge separately for milk – seems a bit mean!
* baby changing was given a good clean

It’s a great local spot, we will be back again.

Thanks for reading and here’s to our next adventure!

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