The Tea Chest (review)

Yesterday was Easter Bank Holiday in Buxton and, after a few days always visiting family, it was lovely to be home and have a day to potter around town. I’m now starting to feel a bit like a local as I notice changes to the town, such as when commercial spaces are being developed and new bars, cafes or shops open up. The latest new venture to open is The Tea Chest, housed in The Courthouse Building on George Street in Buxton.

The Tea Chest

Opened only a few days before, the chap I chatted to said he was inspired to open the cafe as there were many coffee shops in Buxton, but none specialising in tea. Being tea lovers ourselves (I’ve just counted and we have 8 varieties in the house at the moment) it was a place we wanted to visit.

We turned up with E in her rather large pushchair so took a seat near the front so there was plenty of room. There was a children’s high chair so we plonked her in that so she could watch the world go by. The menu was standard tea shop food – some breakfast items, paninis, cream teas etc. and there were also some lovely cakes on display at the counter.

There were also seats outside, on the courtyard, but we thought it was a bit too chilly. Inside there are lots more seats, some next to the front door and some around to the side. If I was still boobing E I would have gone to the back for a bit more privacy. No comfy chairs but I think I would have survived!

I thought I’d try out their coffee – simple black Americano whilst hubby had the Caravan Tea. I ordered sausage ciabattas for the two of us (sorry h, apparently you’d wanted bacon!) and beans on toast for E.

Food and tea timer!

Drinks arrived promptly, coffee was good (not too bitter, good strength) and the tea was accompanied by some egg timers. You used these to choose the strength of your tea – pretty neat.

H went for the strong timer, but when he poured the tea it was rather weak and he was a bit disappointed. When we lived in Oxford we were spoiled with cafes using Jeeves and Jericho local tea – their Russian caravan tea is sublime – strong and smokey! The ciabattas were tasty (local sausages) and E enjoyed her beans on toast.

After munching through food from the breakfast menu, we were still hungry, but E had enjoyed her bread and beans and was full up.

Before we left we had a quick chat to (we think) the owner, checked that there are baby changing facilities (yes), gave feedback on the tea and wished him luck in his venture. For a tea shop we were hoping to be inspired by a really good cuppa – but maybe next time?

In summary, we enjoyed:
* chilled atmosphere
* small selection of teas to choose from
* fast, friendly service
* option of children’s menu

Would be even better if:
* there was WiFi!!
* teas brewed better (chap thought there might not have been enough leaves in the tea pot)
* wider range of teas to choose from
* better teapots like our cool red favourite

I’m following them on Facebook, so if WiFi is set up and the tea menu expands we’ll be back to sample another brew.

Here’s to our next adventure!

Back again – there’s free WiFi 🙂

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