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The Juggle of Modern Motherhood: Peak District style

Today a different kind of post to normal as I’ve been inspired to write on the theme of being a modern mum. This is my entry to the Mum Network Trusted Blogger Club Autumn Blog Carnival.

I’m trying to write it from the perspective of loving, living and working within the beautiful Peak District. I’m finding motherhood quite tough at the moment, but I’m certain that if I wasn’t in this calming natural environment it would seem even harder.

Enough of my introduction, for me the best way to demonstrate modern motherhood is to describe my day. It’s 05:00 am and I’m finally awake enough to start this post. I’ve been boobing baby E for about 20 minutes. She went to bed (correction we went to bed) around 8:30 pm last night and she woke up every 2/3 hours. If one more person ‘blames’ this on breastfeeding I’ll scream!

Anyway, now I’m awake I’m thinking about the day ahead. Last night I didn’t get back from work till 6:15 pm so after a cuddle and boobing daughter she fell asleep on me and I didn’t move, just enjoyed her cuddles. But, that means before I leave for work this morning there’s the sterilising of my pumping equipment and her bottles to do – everything (including the washing up) I should really do the night before.

But, I’m awake early (as ever) so at least there is time to get things done 🙂

Living in Buxton, in the Peak District, on a leafy road means this time of the day there’s peace and quiet – I really don’t miss living in a big city where at night there’s so much noise it can be difficult to sleep.

It’s 05:10, she’s asleep so time to transfer to her cot and start washing up. I’ll use the time effectively to also listen to some videos from a MOOC I’m studying Foundations of Virtual Instruction, I’ve just checked my peer assessment – full marks 🙂

Taking part in a MOOC

05:40 I wanted another small cuddle, eek look at the time! Slowwwwlly transfer to cot….. she’s asleep still 🙂 Time to hit the shower!

Well, it’s now 2.20 pm in a meeting where people are talking about blogs which gives me a chance to update this post!

After a shower this morning I washed up, sterilised bottles and pumping equipment and made my sandwiches. Unfortunately my daughter was still asleep when I left so no excuse for a cuddle 😦

I have a fairly long commute to work, an hour, but I’m lucky enough to have that driving through the wonderful Peak District. Driving from Buxton to Ashbourne and on to Derby I can reflect on my new life here and plan to spend the weekends with my family out exploring the countryside.

I start work at 07:45 – I have a picture of baby E next to my desk but I don’t look at it too much, it reminds me how I’d rather be spending time with her.

But she’s not completely forgotten at work, hubby always texts in the morning to let me know how she was before nursery and I have to express. Not have to, I want to.

It’s funny, I’ve been expressing now at work for 4 months and people are starting to ask why I’m still carrying on. Well BECAUSE SHE’S A BABY I want to say… but instead I smile and politely reply it’s worth the effort!

pumping at work

I used to stress that I couldn’t get enough milk. A month ago I was ill and my supply dropped, but stressing didn’t help. I’ve now accepted she has a bottle of formula a day and a bottle of breast milk, at least I’m still trying.

I realise that as a working mum I’m lucky, I have my own office and asked for a fridge – much easier than where I used to work where I had to book a meeting room. Even though I’d book the room out, cover the windows and put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door people would still try to walk in – very unnerving!

Anyway, the meeting is getting interesting… I’ll come back to this later.

I’m home now, so much for leaving work at 4 pm, didn’t get out of the office till 5 and then with traffic home at 6.10 pm 😦 It’s such a long time to be away. But today I know E was taken out of nursery early by her grandparents so that makes me feel better.

She was taken for a walk through the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton – it’s lovely living here where there is so much greenery, she loves the outside and gets quite agitated if she’s not taken out each day!

In-laws are in the kitchen (the bliss of having someone else wash up), I’m on the couch next to E who is snoozing after some boob.

It’s quiet, another benefit of living here. It’s only 7.30 pm but I’m exhausted and want my bed. She’ll wake up constantly in the night – I dream (well, if I had the chance) of her sleeping through!

Tonight I could do with getting some things done on my work to do list, but don’t have the energy. Instead I’ll unpack from our few days away earlier in the week and repack because we’re away again soon. I’m attending a conference for work so the family are coming with me, I don’t really want to spend more time away from them than I have to. I’m even going to take E to a few meetings I’ve arranged – that will be interesting to juggle!

On reflections of the daily routine of being a mum, it’s exhausting. Work and life is tiring. I love E and miss her so. I hope once I start getting blocks of more than 3 hours sleep in one go it will become easier. It has to be easier than this!

But, I’m so lucky. We live in Buxton and the relaxing setting of the Peaks is just what I need at the weekend to wind down and spend time with the family.
view of Buxton from Solomon's Temple