Get talking with baby sign language

It’s been a good few months since I posted onto the blog, shocking! It’s been a frantic few months getting to grips with a new full time job, a commute and a daughter who still doesn’t sleep through.

But I’m determined to continue with this as a reminder of all the wonderful things we do together over weekend and holidays – especially now E is in nursery during the week and I miss her so much.

Here’s some reflection on a wonderful activity we did back in May. I’ve only just got around to writing this up!

We moved to Buxton a month before I started my new job so that we could take part in some of the local baby activities on offer. Top of my list was baby sign language and I was pleased to discover it was run at the welcoming Alison Park Hotel (place of many a NCT meet up) by Julie Parker as part of the Tiny Talk franchise.

I’m the lucky aunty of four five (congrats sis!) nieces and nephews and I was always impressed by how they could communicate using sign language, before they could even talk, so I really wanted to try it out with baby E. It must be really frustrating for babies when they want to ask or tell you something and they can’t, so I was willing to give it a try.

Julie was incredibly welcoming to us as newbies and let us come for just a few sessions (she even let my mum join in on one). The session takes place in the hotel’s lounge so there are nice comfy sofas to sit on in a relaxing setting.

Julie structures each session really well, there’s a clear introduction to the signs that are covered and of course lots of songs! Signs are always repeated so its easy to pick them up and when sung to a catchy tune, such as The Sun Has Got His Hat on, they stick in your head.

Julie and her signing helper

I was able to ask about more useful signs too, such as ‘more’, ‘all gone’, ‘nappy’ and ‘milk’ – now I just need to remember to use them.

I particularly enjoyed that we were signing with the baby and including them in songs. Too many times I’ve seen people signing frantically to heir babies who just look bored or are looking somewhere else! With Julie’s approach the children are always involved.

After signing and songs the children get to play with some toys and the parents get a cuppa and biscuits – and there were dairy free options!

Elizabeth enjoying the toys

I really enjoyed the Tiny Talk sessions we were able to attend and will miss them. It’s a way to get to know other parents, relax in a welcoming atmosphere and learn to communicate with your baby.

In summary, we liked:

* Alison Park Hotel – relaxing atmosphere
* Julie – thanks for being so welcoming 🙂
* Toys for baby E and a cuppa with dairy free biscuit for me!
* The way the session was for parents and babies, I didn’t feel like I was signing at baby E, but with her
* Boobing friendly – comfy sofas, relaxed atmosphere

Would be even better if:
* It was easy to get Tiny Talk books, the local library just has American baby sign language books which are different

Thanks for reading, here’s to our next adventure!

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