Everything’s Rosy Interiors – Victorian Tearoom (review)

tea in a china cup with a teapot

I have to admit, we have already started our adventures even before BMD (Big Move Day). The other week we were up in Buxton sorting out things that made me cry – childcare for baby E for when I go back go work *wail*.

But less about me sobbing uncontrollably that weekend and onto the cake! On one of our trips we headed into Buxton main town (if that’s what it’s called?) and naturally needed a place to stop and boob E.

In the local press I’d read about the lovely new tea room in Everything’s Rosie Interiors and I love an excuse to support a local business.

We rocked up with our HUGE pushchair and they sweetly said it wasn’t a problem, hubby folded it up out of the way and I chose some cake (priorities) and then settled down for a feed.

The tea was delicious, cake scrummy and as an added bonus you can look around at lots of lovely items to buy!

At table service was particularly welcome when feeding E (I always like to ask for a top up of the pot of tea) and even though there wasn’t a changing room, they helpfully moved some furniture around to make an impromptu changing table!

Lovely place, can’t wait to go back and visit.

Here’s a summary of baby feeding friendliness:

Comfort: 4/5 lovely comfortable chairs
Service: 5/5 at table service makes it much easier!
Changing: 2/5 none, so they made somewhere
Discreet boobing: 5/5 I felt quite comfortable tucked in the corner
Space: 2/5 would be tricky if there was more than one pushchair, but they were more than willing to move things around
Overall: 4/5 – ideal place to go if you’re by yourself

Thanks for reading, here’s to our next adventure!

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